Welcome to Poppy Shops, Travels, and Eats In Style

Who are we? Poppy Travels and Eats In Style
We are a Mother & Daughter owned shop who have an affinity for helping women uncover and express their style by providing a hand picked selection of styles that is classic and trendy. Beyond the styles, we take the time to create original content, styling videos and tutorials, whimsical community events, and weekly collection launches with clear imagery to go beyond a basic boutique experience. Out of all the experiences we offer, our community events hold a special place in our heart. We enjoy giving back to our local loves to help you create lasting memories with the ones you love. Fashion shows, Christmas Carriage Rides, vendor pop ups and giveaways, are just a few crazy fun ideas we have came up. We have an inside joke that there is not much we will say no to when it comes to creating an event and we are always looking for an excuse to throw an event. In our spare time you will find us face masking and drinking wine (with Poppy Clean Beauty Products of course), eating at all the good farm to table local restaurants, shopping at the local organic grocery store, book shopping, and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. During our blogging time we hope you get an eclectic mix of both our work life and after work adventures as Poppy travels and eats in style. Cheers to all the fun and good times ahead! 

Founder Poppy Avenue Boutique

How to connect with us?
Come be our guest in store and online. Our shop is currently open Tuesday- Saturday 11-6. We hope to see you in store or shopping with us online soon. Connect with us online via our Instagram, Email (Poppyavenueboutique@gmail.com), or phone on our text line (920 632 4531).